Shovel Helper

The Features of "Shovel Helper"

Make Your Shovel the Most Ergonomic Shovel Possible

Only "SHOVEL HELPER" has all these Features and Advantages.

  1. Reduces by 50% your Effort to Shovel,The SAME amount of snow!! - That means Less Stress, Less Energy Exerted.

  2. Use "YOUR" existing shovel; there is No Need to Buy Another (Style) Shovel.

  3. Makes any Shovel "ERGONOMIC". Adjustable for YOUR Comfort !!

  4. Shovel Standing Upright or Bending as you prefer. (Adjustable Straps)

  5. Adjusts for any height person.

  6. Installs in seconds.

  7. Straps are "Bright RED" so they are Seen Easily.

  8. Thumb-Screws are designed so that they can be tightened even with
    winter gloves.

  9. All components are designed for years of trouble free use.

  10. Works With ALL Type Shovels. "Shovel Helper" can be used to shovel Mulch, Sand, Wheat, Grain, Soy, Top Soil, Coal and of course SNOW.

**** Remember, even with these considerations, "all users" Should Consult Their Doctors, BEFORE shoveling snow to ensure they are in good health.



"Quick Installation"

...........*** SIMPLE To INSTALL ***.......... -

  1. Place each Clamps Thumb-Screw on the end of the Shovel EDGES. Thighten so that the clamp does not move. Exerted.

  2. Hold BLACK handle with one hand and the other on the shovel handle. Try shoveling.

  3. The Straps can be adjusted for YOUR Comfort.

  4. .......How to Adjust the Strap Length

  5. Hold the black clip with one hand.

  6. Pull the short red strap on each end to shorten the strap or the long Red Strap to Lenghten.

  7. Check to see that both straps are the same length. Adjust as needed. ** Any problems installing see Below.

...........*** Detailed Installation Instructions ***..........

Attaching Shovel Helper™ To Your Shovel


Thank you for purchasing "Snow - Shovel Helper". We stand behind our product 100%. If you feel that this product does not reduce the weight required to shovel snow, and meet your expectations, you can return the the handle and a piece of the red straps, within 30 days of purchase, simply return the item in its original package, with a copy of your receipt when you purchased the item. The item will be replaced or refunded at the buyers option for the purchase price less shipping.

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