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**Actual Statements from Users of "Shovel Helper"**

**Testimonials From "Shovel Helper" Users **

Testimonial by a Chriopractor and University Professor

I was lucky enough to use the SNOW "SHOVEL HELPER" snow shovel attachment, during one of our massive snowstorms and what an incredible device. It is simple to use and made a major shoveling job so easy I could have shoveled all day. The SHOVEL HELPER takes all the stress off my back, arms, and legs and made a tough shoveling job so easy!! Being a professional that deals with back injuries on a daily basis, I was blown away with how simple and effective this attachment is. I am a chiropractor and I highly recommend the
"SHOVEL HELPER" to all my patients to prevent back injuries during shoveling. It reduces the stress on the spinal muscles, discs, and ligaments significantly. Patients who I restrict from shoveling can actually go back to shoveling with this incredible device. In my professional opinion this is a simple tool to take the burden off the spine and the supporting ligaments allowing for a decreased risk of back injury from shoveling as well as making the job of shoveling less of a chore and more enjoyable. I was able to finish shoveling in half the time with half the stress. I highly recommend Snow SHOVEL HELPER from a personal and professional point of view.


Dr. Jonathan T. Amdur, BA, DC

Chiropractor Babylon, New York
Adjunct Professor Hofstra University

**Actual Statements from Users of "Shovel Helper"**

B, Schulte - Brentwood, New York

"The first time I tried Shovel Helper I was amazed. It does not look like it will work but WOW, it works Great."

J. Robinson - Cape Cod, Massachusetts

"A friend told me about Shovel Helper and said it worked great. I went on the internet and purchased one. She was right. As a women who lives alone I appreciate anything that makes my life easier."

M. Caracappa West Babylon, New York

During a big snow storm I tried Shovel Helper that my father purchased. I have back problems but my father was in an bad motorcycle accident and cannot shovel snow. I was amazed how easy it was to shovel. My father took a video with his phone and I put it on YOUTUBE. I was contacted and now this video is being used on their website. I recommend this product to anyone who has to shovel snow.

A. Ruck Poulney, Vermont

I live in a 55 and over community. We are responsible to shovel from our place to the curb. I am a woman over 75 years of age with arthritis and was given this item from my daughter and son in law. I works great. Thank you Shovel Helper.

Brian Montana

While in New York I saw someone with the Shovel Helper. When I went back to Montana I brought one back to my house. I used it and like it. Its not a snow blower but it's well worth $10.00.

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