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Reduces The Stress on your Arms, Legs, Back, Joints and Heart!

"Other Uses For "Shovel Helper" - Shovel Attachment"

"Shovel Helper" can be used several different ways.

Agricuratural Uses
The original concept of "Shovel Helper" was for shoveling snow. The first website designer, suggested that we do not market to uses of snow shovels but for shoveling Mulch. He had used it for an entire day and thought that that would be a better market. After looking at the possible uses of the "Shovel Helper" we realized many uses for it use.

*"Shovel Helper" was featured in FARM SHOW Magazine 2012

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  • FARM SHOW magazine "Shovel Helper" Volume 36

  • *"Shovel Helper" was selected by Long Island Business News as "Patent of the Week" Published 2012.

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  • Patent of the Week - Shovel Attachment, 2012-06-01

  • *"Shovel Helper" was featured in Agrability Website- Cultivating Accessibile Agriculture - by Purdue University

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    Many people have used "Shovel Helper" for other shovels and materials then snow and mulch. Here are some of the items shoveled.

    Shovel Type: Coal Type Shovel

    They are as follows:
    a, Sand
    b, Grain
    c, Wheat
    d, Soy
    e, Top soil
    f, Mud
    g, Feed
    h, Mucking

    Shovel Type: Snow Shovel (Straight and Bent Handle)

    They are as follows:
    a, Snow
    b, Mulch
    c, Mucking

    Shovel Type: Spade Shovel

    They are as follows:
    a, Dirt
    b, Sand
    c, Top Soil

    "Shovel Helper" and its distributors are continually improving our products and welcome any input you might have for us.

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    "Shovel Helper"

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