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Our GOAL is to provide affordable ERGONOMIC products that help make everyday tasks easier for people to perform. We have developed SHOVEL HELPER in order to provide help and assistance to individuals performing the difficult task of shoveling snow. The concept of this item and future items will be to provide helpful, simple to use, low cost solutions to problem chores. Other products are presently in development. Our team works every day to fulfill our mission.

How and Why the Product Came About

In the winter of 2009 there was a major snowstorm in and around the New York area that resulted in over 20 inches of snow on the ground. The inventor of Snow Shovel Helper, who has a degree in Engineering, has a major heart problem, so his wife had to shovel the snow by herself. A neighbor who usually uses his snow blower on his driveway had to shovel his driveway himself, since his snow blower would not start. During the next couple of days, both individuals who had shoveled snow were complaining of aches and pains in their back, arms and legs. While half asleep, the wife's husband thought about the problem and realized that the common method for shoveling snow was, in his opinion, all wrong. He got up, did some quick calculations and confirmed that he had come up with an idea that could reduce the stress and strain on the heart and even the entire body. A prototype was made, tested, and it was determined that it actually works. The prototype was tested by doctors, chiropractors, senior citizens and people with various physical limitations, (with medical approval). All agreed that it has numerous benefits. NO ONE should shovel ANY snow without approval by their Doctor. Hopefully, by reducing the effort that is required when shoveling snow, many people will benefit from this product.


Thank you for purchasing "Snow - Shovel Helper". We stand behind our product 100%. If you feel that this product does not reduce the exertion or effort required to shovel snow or meet your expectations, you can return the product within 30 days of purchase, simply return the item in its original package, with a copy of your receipt. The item will be replaced or refunded at the buyers option for the purchase price less shipping.

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